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CRITICAL: Know what is to come in 2013-2014 with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and go about your real estate search with "wide open eyes." Check out the potential flood insurance increase example with homes below BFE, click on the FEMA image above to get informed on the future changes to come.

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Outer Banks Surveyors of Land and Home "As-Builts"

Although not all lenders require that the purchaser obtain - and pay for - a property survey or real estate survey, it is recommended that every purchaser authorize the settlement provider to obtain a property/real estate survey. It should be noted that the typical property survey that is provided at a settlement only shows the location of the house on the lot.

While the title insurance industry will generally not accept a title claim based solely on the property survey itself, the survey will assist the purchaser in determining whether fences, trees or other such objects are properly located within the property being conveyed.

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A title search is an examination of the public records by an attorney. A title search shows ownership of property, and the presence of liens or judgments and related issues. The attorney who conducts the title search does not physically inspect the property.

A survey is a map of the property, prepared by a registered surveyor after a physical inspection. It will show obvious things like the location of the improvements, the size of the lot and the dimensions. A survey will also show problems. For example, a survey might show that the adjoining owner is encroaching on the property you are buying, such as construction of a fence over the property line, or a portion of a driveway might cut across your property. A survey would also show if the property you are buying encroaches on the adjacent property. Some additional examples of survey issues include:

For many years banks routinely required surveys to be completed before lending the purchaser any money. More recently some title insurance companies began providing affirmative title coverage for the benefit of the lender without requiring a survey. Because the title insurance company will protect the lender, many banks no longer require a survey as a condition of making the loan. Sometimes this causes people (like real estate agents, or even lenders) to mistakenly believe that a survey is not necessary.

In some cases a recent survey prepared for a prior owner can be located. If the “old” survey has all the information which is needed for the closing, many people decide to proceed without purchasing a new one. Whether this is wise depends on the circumstances. If there are problems with the old survey (such as inaccuracy or mistakes) a new purchaser has no claim against the “old” surveyor. To hold the surveyor responsible it is necessary to have a direct contractual relationship with that surveyor. The older the survey, the more potential exists for problems to have developed in the intervening time. Sometimes the only copy of the old survey has information which has been added after the fact, by people other than the original surveyor.


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