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Outer Banks Homes - OBX Barrier Islands   

Without a doubt, Outer Banks homes are among the best investments one can make on the east coast of the United States. Whether you are looking for a permanent place to settle down year-round or a vacation property for leisure and perhaps an added source of income, the Outer Banks is the perfect destination. However, there is enough variety within the Outer Banks that further investigation proves worthwhile. During your search through the many Outer Banks homes available, here are a few areas that are great to keep in mind for their different benefits.

Corolla has grown up over the last 20 years, and it now provides some of the best investments of Outer Banks homes; and they have great cash flows too!  With large lots and the ability to build larger structures, some event size homes exist with more than twelve bedrooms.  The infrastrcuure has also grown quite a bit since the laste 90's and into the new millenium so there is a bit more shopping and things to do.

Duck North Carolina is know for its quaint beach shopping, intimate setting, and great sunset dining establishements.  Outer Banks homes come at a premium so be prepared to pay a bit more when investing in property here. Duck has recently incorporated into its own town and has built numerous soundside parks and governmental building over the last few years.  The Duck jazz festival has alos become a popular event among others.  Real estate values are probably the highest in this area as the demand for real estate is high, and the available inventory is low.

Hatteras for those interested in the sporting aspects of beach life, Hatteras is the place to be. The so-called "S curves" off of Highway 12 are an especially popular surfing destination, and the entire area is also home to a large number of kayakers and windsurfers. For fishing expeditions, chartered boats are available, many of which run daily throughout the entirety of the summer months. In addition, a drive-on ferry at the southern tip of Hatteras Island takes passengers to Ocracoke Island for further adventures. This leisurely lifestyle is reflected in the overall feel of the Hatteras area, which has been described as more laid-back than its neighboring communities. If looking for Outer Banks homes ideal for relaxation, Hatteras might be right for you.

Kitty Hawk For Outer Banks homes rich in history, look no further than Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of modern flight. Amongst the legendary dunes you will find a variety of canal-front and sound-front homes ready to suit your needs. However, it is important to bear in mind that many properties in this area have been effected by erosion, meaning that any deal that sounds too to be true quite probably is. It is best to partner with a reputable local real estate agent in order to guarantee that the property is safe and has a viable future.

Kill Devil Hills Outer Banks homes, while popular tourist destinations, can also be perfect for families looking for a place to settle down. Kill Devil Hills, despite the imposing name, is an excellent location for year-round residency. Its variety of waterfront property makes it an excellent investment opportunity for parents, and as a part of the renowned Dare County school district it promises a quality education for children.

Nags Head Perhaps the best known resort area in the Outer Banks, Nags Head has a longstanding tradition as a superior vacation destination homes. Its trademark architectural style has expanded to other areas of the Outer Banks and become almost iconic in terms of beach vacation homes. In fact, the building style has become so popular that in some areas efforts to preserve it have extended to prohibiting new construction in other styles, particularly that of "big box" companies. For those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world everywhere else, this can be a welcome change. Furthermore, the necessity of catering to a variety of travelers has ensured that the area possesses all sorts of culinary venues, from popular fast food chains all the way up to fine dining.

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Looking for North Carolina Realty? Outer Banks has the resources to help! Whether you know exactly the spot you want for your new home or you don't quite have it pinned down, the tools and listings at Outer Banks Realty will make it easier & more convenient to find your new home!

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