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investment cash flowBang For The Buck!
Looking for the best cash flow? You can search MLS by rental performance.

new property listingsJust Listed Property
Curious what is new to the realty market? Here are the newest Outer Banks listings.

sold homesSell Your Property?
Listing your property on the MLS isn't that complicated, just ask us why.

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nfip and fema flood mapping
CRITICAL: Know what is to come in 2013-2014 with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and go about your real estate search with "wide open eyes." Check out the potential flood insurance increase example with homes below BFE, click on the FEMA image above to get informed on the future changes to come.

  Listing your property doesnt have to be time consuming.

multiple listing servicelisting guaranteeSTART HERE & GET ON THE MLS TODAY RE/MAX Surfside is a boutique real estate company setting new standards for Realtor excellence and customer satisfaction. Every Surfside agent has an extensive/intimate knowledge base of our marketplace, maintain long term success in the real estate industry, employ the latest technological tools, and are full-time only Realtors. Our philosophy is "we're here when you need us, and not when you don't," so start a casual dialogue sometime and experience the Surfside difference. We know what we’re doing!

If you're selling a property today, don't make it a marathon. Those heady days of putting a property on the market and receiving multiple bids have been gone for years. Inventory is high, and for every property that goes under contract more will get listed. You MUST be in "real-time touch" with the market, tuned into your competition, priced ahead of the curve, and have the most relevantt exposure to the Outer Banks real estate marketplace to successfully sell your property. This website gives you a "Sold Report" tool for sold properties. IF YOU ARE BEHIND ON YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS...Listen Here! We'd like to have a casual chat to explore your options; there's more to it than you think. We have closed countless short sales and foreclosure properties, so getting some insight to the expectations of these types of transactions is suggested before you start narrowing down your options with a third party.  

comparative market analysisSTART HERE AND GET YOUR PROPERTY ON THE MLS

IN DEPTH CMA REPORT (Get A Pre-Home Inspection). We will walk your property, photograph potential issues, and make suggestions to any items that may come up on a buyer's home inspection report. Your CMA will include data, graphs, and specifics to your subdivision & surrounding neighborhoods. Don't forget to ask us about our 20-point listing plan that on Surfside can offer.

We take marketing your property to the next level!

COMMISSION SPLITS THAT MAKE SENSE: Selling real estate is a function of time, overhead, listing period, and selling price. Although a great deal of time is involved bringing a property to the market place, we recognize that a listed property that sells in a reasonable amount of time should incur a lesser commission expense. Fair is fair. If a listing is maintained for a long period of time because price does not reflect buyer interests, then the listing will require more of our time and money, hence a higher commission split (expenses are incurred upfront and throughout the listing period, & only if the property sells, is there compensation).    LIST YOUR PROPERTY ON THE MLS

    What makes RE/MAX Surfside a perfect match for investors?
REMAX Surfside
  •    Every agent has been in the business for over 10 years.
  •    All agents have been living on the OBX for over 10 years.
  •    Provides cutting edge resources found nowhere on the web! 
  •    Every agent utilizes the latest tech/mobile tools & services.
  •    Timliness is more than a priority, it's the Surfside standard.
  •    Competency ... Surfside agents provide sound advice and extensive OBX market knowledge.
  •    In-house and legal / transaction closing  advice from Sharp, Michael, Graham, & Baker, LLP
  •    We can efficiently and effectively list your property within 24 hours.  We'll get started today!
  •    Office cohesion provides our clients a level of service beyond the "single-agent show."
  •    CALL US TODAY @ 252-599-2300 - We're located at Milepost 3 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.